Free Web Resources

  • AThinLine -- website for student videos.
  • ConnectSafely -- website of internet resources -- contains forum and video library.
  • Criminal Justice Services -- contains internet safety resources.
  • CyberSmart! -- free website for educators which offers curriculum content for teaching Internet safety to students. Great site with K-12 scope and sequence chart.
  • -- resources for educators.
  • Internet Safety -- resources for educators and parents.
  • official kids portal for the U. S Government.
  • Kidsnetsoft-- site created by middle school computer teacher.
  • NetFamilyNews -- forum which provides news for parents.
  • Netsmartz -- this site contains educational safety resources from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
  • SafeKids -- safety advice and tools as well as links to other safety sites.
  • WiredKids -- this site contains information and games to help educators with internet safety issues and topics.
  • -- cyber safety resources.

Pay Web Resources

iSafe -- provides internet safety curriculum for the classroom - school must buy subscription.
TheSafeSide -- safety resources for parents and teachers.
Media Awareness Network -- Educational Games, activities, and lessons for all ages.

School Resources

SAISD Cyber Safety Curriculum
Texas School Safety Center -- Texas State University, San Marcos


Thwarting Cyber Predators
NET CETERA -- Chatting with Kids About Being Online - 54-page brochure for chatting with kids on important issues concerning their online safety.
Kids/Teens Cybersafety -- online cybersafety information from Cisco.
Teaching Cyber Safety in School -- shared article.
CyberSafety for students, parents, etc. -- links and resources for all.
Internet Safe Kids Pledge -- pledge for parents and students to sign.


Cybersafety Games -- online games for students to learn important cybersafety concepts.
TEA list of activities and lessons -- activities and lessons from TEA.